Think you know your audience? Here are Some Reasons to Think Twice

Posted on May 21, 2019 - By Mateo Camero

In marketing, everything starts by understanding your product, where you want to promote it and how to distribute it. This is also true for digital marketing, done either through a website, social media or any kind of advertising channel that involves an electronic device. Another important aspect is understanding who your target audience is. Based on this, you can tailor a promotional campaign in a more successful way. Moreover, it will ensure that you reach the right audience and make the right impression. Just like any other form of marketing, there are some basics to follow in order to establish a successful marketing strategy, and audience is key.

With some marketing research, it is possible to identify the key points necessary in a successful strategy for your product or service. However, sometimes companies focus too much on a certain audience. Thinking that a single target audience is potentially the biggest one in terms of loyal customers, sales and other aspects, causes that company to focus only on those groups. For this reason, companies completely miss potential customers or certain niche demographics that are also willing to buy their products. It is important that with enough research, you can identify all potential customers your product is suited for. This also applies to other uses your product or service may have, which may target a whole new set of users. In some instances, your key demographics can come from where you least expect them to be! Here are some examples.

Meal Kit Services

With new uses for technology and the fast-paced environment it developed in, meal kit delivery subscriptions have been popular for a while. Something never seen before is now common for different reasons. Most say that this service developed with the idea of selling to those who do not have time to cook high-quality meals due to their busy lifestyles. However, there has been a recent decrease in sales of meal kit delivery services because most subscribers often abandon their subscriptions a couple of months after they join.

This is just one example where the business might have misread who their target audience really was. It so happens that some people are inclined to use this service just because of the quality of the ingredients. Another attractive sector of the market would be those who are trying to learn how to cook, and meal kits help instruct customers on how cook for themselves. These insights expand the product’s market opportunities.

Considering a different audience from the one a meal kit service may have initially targeted could have beneficial results for these companies. By really understanding their audience, they can change the way they advertise their products, set their prices and increase their sales.

Review Websites

Another great example of the consequences of not knowing your audience is missing out on services that could be provided in order to expand your business operations. This is the case of some popular food delivery apps. Many of these started from already established review platforms. Once these businesses had access to restaurants and other food chains, they missed out on the idea of pairing their service with delivery. In other words, these businesses served as a connection between customers and restaurants, but they were not fully using it. They also had valuable information from the restaurants like their menus and prices. With this information, they started offering food delivery services to users already using their platform to inquire about restaurants, and who of course, love food!

Ridesharing Apps

These services established something unique and with a lot of potential: a network of drivers. However, they targeted only one fraction of potential customers from the beginning. For instance, they mostly advertised for regular users taking rides to get to work or that requested airport services. Of course, anyone was able to use their service, but they focused their marketing efforts mostly on that group. For a while they did not realize how great the service was for people going to events. Most importantly, they discovered that people driving under the influence were also a great opportunity to promote their services as a safe alternative to drunk driving. These companies are now partnering with several organizations and promoting their services to this demographic of club-goers and young people more than ever.

As you can see, this app was not originally created for the purpose of night riders because they did not understand their audience and their potential market opportunities. Once they established their platform, they also did not realize how they could offer drivers the opportunity of doing food deliveries. A lot of users prefer to stay at home, or simply have a schedule that is too busy to prepare a meal or go out to buy one. This audience was not discovered until recently and is now being targeted. However, many companies missed the opportunity of getting their share of the market early on to achieve a better position against their competitors.

Language and Education Services

As you can see, technology certainly makes information accessible anywhere. Very useful information such as learning a new language, has also become available across the world. Many education apps have released free courses for users to easily learn on-the-go any language of their choice. But these apps seem to be designed as games, which would be ideal for children due to its attractive and interactive nature. However, many of its users identify as adults in need to learn a new language. For instance, many of them use these apps because they moved to another country, and that is just one example.

With their teaching methodologies, these apps are considering teaching more than just languages. By studying their audience, they were able to identify new learning opportunities which they can offer. And even though in this case, their marketing efforts are minimal due to the successful nature of their services, understanding their audience has helped these businesses expand their range of products as well as their impact around the world.