The Power in Video

Posted on Jan 7, 2019 - By Paxton Sellers

If you have ever been browsing online and found yourself sucked into a video of a goat singing a Taylor Swift song, you understand the power of video. What you need to know is how to make that power work for you.

Video is an effective marketing tool that will help your brand accomplish long- and short-term goals. The best part is that you do not need to be a Hollywood studio to create videos that generate likes and shares. Here at OnPoint, for example, we use video to engage, inform and entertain our audience. You can assist your audience in the same way.


5 Easy but Valuable Video Types

The most important thing about creating an effective video is creating something people want to watch. This can be easier said than done when the market is so competitive, but there are a few easy-to-produce videos that can engage your viewer and boost your brand:

Product videos – If you have a new or soon-to-be-released product, garner interest with a product video. Find a creative way to display your item without making the consumer feel like he or she is watching an advertisement. Releasing a book? Consider a time lapse of the cover design process. Selling a new LED light bulb that puts all others to shame? Give the customer a peek into the factory.

Corporate videos Short of a face-to-face conversation, a short video is as close as you can come to introducing yourself to your customers. Create a fun piece that introduces viewers to your business, your staff and your company goals. A little humor goes a long way and can help you create something viewers will want to share with their friends while increasing your company exposure.

Event videosYour brand threw a fundraiser, released a new app, hit a big anniversary or celebrated some other big event. Create a video. Use 45 seconds to show how the new app works to interest consumers. Put down the groundwork for an even more successful fundraiser next year. Big events can easily be used to further corporate goals.

Testimonial videos – You could print an entire list of positive reviews on your website, but will potential customers read them? A testimonial video gives a real face to the glowing praise of your service or product. Viewers find a human connection more trustworthy than a poorly written Yelp review.

Recruitment video – Not every video you produce must be marketing something. Videos can accomplish internal goals too. Create videos to train or recruit new talent. Like your product or corporate videos, remember to create content people want to watch. A strong recruitment video convinces applicants they want to work for you and will have qualified candidates lining up at the door.

The Must-Have Equipment

The most obvious thing you will need is a camera. While an expensive SLR camera may have beautiful image quality, smartphone cameras have come a long way. If you are working with a tight budget, the visuals on the latest iPhone or Android will suffice. While there may be some wiggle room in camera choice, you never want your camera to wiggle during shooting. That is why a quality tripod is a must. The best camera in the world will not give you a good product if it is not stable.

Additionally, a stable, high-quality camera will not result in good video if it is too dark to see. Good lighting is a necessity, but you do not have to purchase a full set of studio lights. The sun can provide everything you need if you are selective about your shooting time. The golden hour is sunset or sunrise, when the sun is soft and the light is evenly spread out. This is just as important for image quality as it is for your eyes. After all, you won’t have to be staring into the sun at full force if you shoot early in the morning or late in the afternoon.

Furthermore, there are a few more items that a good videographer should consider. These include but are not limited to:

  • A quality microphone. Not every video will require a microphone. Sometimes, snappy music added during editing will suffice. If the video relies on a script, however, do not sabotage a stunning visual with poor audio.
  • The right background. You can pay for a backdrop or greenscreen, but a nice bookcase or attractively painted wall works just as well.
  • Video editing software. Macs come free with iMovie. Windows Movie Maker is no longer available through Microsoft, but HitFilm is a quality editor at a good value for the cost.
  • Graphic design software. Your video will need a thumbnail. High-end graphic design software is available through Adobe, but it is not a mandatory investment. Free sites like Canva have the potential to create professional-looking thumbnails for free.