Platforms and Tools All Internet Companies Need in 2019

Posted on Mar 7, 2019 - By OnPoint Global

Being a part of an internet company means you are in a constant state of change. If you rely on old technology for too long, your company’s efficiency may plateau, and this may affect your company’s profitability. For example, sending emails back and forth each time a file gets updated can take up valuable time and negatively impact productivity. Collaboration tools can streamline this process for businesses that produce and share massive amounts of data.

Increasing the speed with which your employees complete certain tasks can give them more time to focus on the quality of their work. By incorporating organizational tools into your work routine, you may also decrease the number of mistakes that occur. Even a small tool, such as an add-on or software extension, can improve employee satisfaction, productivity and the overall functionality of your business.

Business Communication Platforms

If your company has offices in multiple locations, an excellent communication platform is essential. At first, a program that has the feel of an online chat forum may seem like a hindrance to productivity. However, it may be unwise to rely on email for all communications. While online communication cannot replace in-person conversations, it can increase your company’s efficiency and allow you to communicate in real-time with employees around the world.

The best collaboration hubs are cloud-based. You and your employees will be able to access a cloud-based program from any location and you won’t have to worry about internal data storage space. In addition, most programs now offer file-sharing, conference call and data protection features. Take a look at some of our top-rated picks for communication platforms below:

  • Slack. This is an American, cloud-based software that has seen tremendous growth since its start in 2013. Companies can use the program to establish channels for different office locations, teams or special projects. Employees can create their own private groups and direct conversations, as well as share files through Google Drive, Dropbox and more. Plus, users can react to different posts with colorful emojis instead of typing out a response, which frees up conversation space.
  • Zula. Unlike Slack, Zula is a communication forum designed exclusively for mobile phones and working on the go. The app began as an Israeli startup in 2013 and quickly took off. As with many cloud-based programs, users may send each other important files and communicate through messages, phone calls and video calls. Zula is unique in allowing employees to invite users from social networks, such as Facebook and LinkedIn.
  • ezTalks. This is a communication platform with a big focus on video conference calls. If your company is on the smaller side, the free starter package may be worth considering. Pricing increases depending on the number of participants, the amount of online storage space you need and whether you want unlimited time for conference calls. If you don’t have the right equipment for video calling, ezTalks also offers conference room accessories, such as a smart conference speakerphone.
  • Yammer. This is a social networking service that Microsoft acquired in 2012. You must have Office 365 to use Yammer. Yammer gives your members direct access to shared Office 365 files through a document library. Conversations are organized by groups and topics, and new discussions are featured on the home page. As with other platforms, you must have an employee email address to join your company’s group.

Design Tools

For an internet-based company, design tools and programs must have sharing features that make it easy for users to collaborate. If you are new to website and graphic design, it may also be helpful to work with a program tailored to beginners. Professional tools, such as Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator, give you a great deal of artistic freedom but come with a learning curve. It is therefore important not to overlook lesser-known design tools, such as Canva, DesignBold and Marvel.

  • Canva. This online design software allows you to collaborate with team members by creating team templates and design folders. This tool also simplifies editing features, which contributes to workplace efficiency.
  • DesignBold. This program aims to simplify the design process with a wide variety of templates and photos organized by subject matter. Creating a new and professional design is quick and easy with the drag and drop feature. In addition, you can share your completed work on social media in a matter of seconds.
  • Marvel. With beginner-friendly features and a professional feel, Marvel streamlines the design process. Users can upload their own sketches from other programs or create projects from scratch in the design tool. They can also collaborate and comment on other projects and receive feedback on prototypes with user testing.

Tools for Building an Email Subscription List

Maintaining and building a list of email subscribers is the key to establishing relationships with potential customers and developing a client base. This process can take up valuable time. However, having the right tools can accelerate your success. Programs like MailMunch and Optinmonster use research-based templates to increase the likelihood that a website visitor will stay on your webpage and become a subscriber. Some email subscription tools also offer analytics and reports, so you can see which designs and templates are the most effective.

Useful Add-Ons

Add-ons and software extensions may significantly improve your company’s efficiency or simply make certain aspects of the day a little easier. There are many different extensions you can use for sending emails, SEO keyword research and document signing, including the following:

  • Boomerang. This Gmail extension allows you to create a schedule for sending emails. The extension will also remind you to respond to unread emails and follow up on messages that never received answers.
  • Mozbar. This SEO keyword extension can supplement your company’s primary keyword research tools. Mozbar gives you immediate information on keywords that users search through Google.
  • DocHub. This add-on allows you to edit and sign documents online. You can also send reminders to other users who need to view, edit and/or sign documents. You also have the option of buying premium features on this extension.