Increase Sales and Decrease Refunds Dramatically With This Simple Tip

Posted on Sep 27, 2019 - By Gabriela Gutierrez

The best way to make a product or service that will best cater to an audience is to find out what users think about it. Customer feedback is information provided by consumers regarding how they feel about a product or service they purchased and their overall experience with the company. It is important for companies to communicate with their customers because it is their business that will help a company thrive or set it back altogether.

Seeing as consumers are the driving force behind any company, their opinions should be taken into consideration and business strategies should be adjusted to better suit their needs. By collecting and implementing customer feedback, companies show consumers that they aim to please their customers. As a result, this will attract new business.

Why is customer feedback important?

All business owners think that their products or services are great. Why would they put resources into advancing their company otherwise? But ultimately, the most important opinion is the customers’ because they are the ones making the purchase.

Sales may be high or they may not be doing so well, so it is important to discover the reasons behind low profits. Feedback from customers can help a company find out what it needs to improve, while applying techniques and strategies that do work towards other areas of the business.

Consumers’ needs change overtime, and it is important for companies to be aware of these changes so that products and services can evolve with the needs of customers.

Once a company receives feedback from customers, it can begin analyzing it to find the best way to implement the feedback and attract new business. For this reason, customer insight will always prove more valuable than any market research and business strategy operation.

How to Ask for Customer Feedback

As a business owner, your goal is to make sales. Therefore, your main focus should be to please customers. And what better way to find out what satisfies your customers than by asking them directly?

Sometimes it can be as easy to receive customer feedback as reaching out and asking for it. However, customers may be more inclined to take the time out of their day and share what they think if they are offered something in return.

Offering an incentive can be a great way to increase the likeliness of receiving customer feedback. Send follow-up emails requesting reviews or the completion of a survey in exchange for a reward, such as a special discount.

While direct customer feedback is helpful, it is not always obtained directly from the customer. Users may post business reviews online on blogs, forums, or sites such as Yelp. Search for these reviews and use them to find out what your business is doing right and where it could use improvement.


Shows Customers Their Opinion Is Valued

People like to feel like their voices are being heard. By asking customers what they think about a product, a company shows that it values its customers’ opinions.

Conducting surveys or asking for reviews will help build trust between a company and its consumers. They will feel like the company is trying to satisfy their needs rather than trying to take their money. Consumers appreciate integrity and will support the company in return, which will help the business establish a loyal customer base.

Let’s face it. Consumers tend to resort to the same products, so when they find something they like, they will likely stick with it. By continuously showing loyal customers that their opinions matter, businesses will gain more than just a financial transaction, but an honest relationship between the company and consumer.

Showing that you care about your customer’s opinions and are doing everything you can to satisfy their needs is a great way to keep customers coming back.

Improve the Consumer Experience

Focusing on improving the overall customer experience is a great way to ensure that your business grows. Listening to customer feedback and using it to improve will strengthen your relationship with the consumer.

Surveys and reviews also give customers the chance to be involved in the shaping of a business. This way, they feel a more personal connection to the company. This will further encourage customer loyalty which will in turn attract even more customers.

People do not buy shoes from Nike because they are the best quality shoes in the market. Nike has a strong customer base because of the overall experience that it provides.

The more customers have positive experiences with a company, the more likely they are to talk about it and recommend it to others. This is a free and effective form of advertising because people are more likely to trust word-of-mouth marketing than something they read off of a company website.

Apple is known for using surveys to improve in-store experiences for customers. Although the company has an online presence, it makes sure to obtain feedback from customers after they visit a store. Whether a customer walks in for technical assistance or to check out the latest product, Apple will follow up with a survey via email asking the customer to rate their experience.

Customer Feedback Data Is Valuable

Customer feedback is priceless. The data that can be derived from customer reviews and surveys can be used to make business decisions and develop new marketing strategies.

Customer reviews can also be used to promote products. Positive reviews left by customers can be efficient in gaining the trust of skeptical consumers. This is because reviews left by customers have greater credibility amongst consumers than reviews companies write about their own products.

Through customer feedback, customer satisfaction can be properly gauged and the areas of a company that need improvement can be pinpointed.

What customers have to say sets the tone for a company’s reputation and can lead to the rise or fall of any business. Listening to what customers have to say and using it to improve is the key to developing a successful business.